Can You See Your Future?

A reader asked me recently if I ever get glimpses of my future.

It’s not a straightforward question, but let’s explore it together.

I do not believe that our futures are set in stone, therefore any sort of glimpse I might get of my future is, to me, just one possible future.

Seeing what is coming down the pike helps me change course if I don’t like what I’m seeing.

So in that sense, I can use this information to avoid something I don’t want to happen.

However, not everything is within our power to change.  Some things are unavoidable, and I have found that those are things that are nearest to occurring as opposed to things that are far out.  Which makes sense to me.

For example, let’s say you’re in a convenience store getting yourself a candy bar and you get a sudden scary feeling inside your body.  Adrenaline starts pumping even though nothing around you is amiss.

You get the strong feeling that you don’t want to be in the store anymore, so you put the candy bar back and make your way to the door. 

But let’s say some people in ski masks enter just as you are nearing the door and they pull a gun on you.  You are now locked into a situation you have to deal with; there is no changing the confrontation.

You sensed something scary was coming, but you lacked the time to change course.

I’ve also had situations where I felt danger was approaching, but it did not manifest.  Did I change my course before it could happen?  Or did the circumstances around the activity change (for example a robber decided not to rob the convenience store at the last minute).

I have had some premonitions that came true.  

I saw both my children in a vision long before they were born.  Their physical characteristics, age difference, and personalities were embedded in that vision that turned out to be stunningly accurate.

There was a premonition I had at the amusement park.  In that scenario I think I helped avoid a disaster due to my premonition.

A lot of my premonitions come through dreams, but it would be very inaccurate to say that every dream I have is a portent of things to come.  There are only so many times you can dream the Earth is destroyed by cataclysm before you realize it’s not happening (at least not any time soon.)

You can also use logic to “predict” your future.  If you know you didn’t study for a test and you try to tune in to the future to see if you pass the test, you’re probably not passing.  That’s not really a premonition, that’s cause and effect.

To sum up, I definitely believe it’s possible to get glimpses of the future, but I also think the future is extremely malleable. So sometimes your premonitions will turn out to be correct, and sometimes they won’t.

Your best bet is to consciously create the future you desire, take precautions to keep yourself safe, and learn to be resourceful and roll with the punches. Then no matter what happens you have the best chance possible of overcoming adversity or jumping on opportunities.

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