Past Life Trauma Carryover

In one of my past lives, I was a young woman living in the Northeastern part of the United States, it was the mid 1600’s, and my task in life was to assist the local midwife and learn the trade.

All was going well until that one fateful day that would end my life quite prematurely. 

We were attending a woman who was having a baby.  Her family was waiting outside except for her daughter who was inside helping out where she could.  

The baby was stillborn.  My midwife companion did everything she could to get this baby to breathe, but it was way too late.  The mother became hysterical, which alerted her husband to come inside.

Upon seeing the scene, he got very upset and angry and blamed the midwife for killing his baby.  

Things were getting quite tense, there were accusations flying around.  I stood in shock watching the scene, unable to do anything to ameliorate the situation.  

There was a commotion outside.  Someone had gotten village elders to the scene.  An accusation of witchcraft was made.

It was every midwife’s nightmare.  Right before they seized my mentor, she told me to run.  

Unthinking, I flew out the back door while the midwife struggled against those attempting to hold her and take her into custody.  

I started running through the trees.  My breathing was hard, it was cold outside, I could see my breath fan out before me.  My adrenaline carried me quickly.  I didn’t know where to go, I just knew I needed to get out of there.

Then I heard the sound that chilled my blood.  Dogs barking.  I turned around and saw them, they were coming for me.

I ran harder, thinking I could escape them if I just ran harder.  But it was only seconds later that they were upon me.  I went down.  I tried to cover my face with my hands, but it was no use.  No use at all.  

They tore me to pieces.  My last thoughts were of the injustice and of my innocence.  I died terrified.

What is past life trauma carryover?  

It’s when something that made a huge impact on you in a previous life expresses itself in another life.  Usually it has to do with something negative, like manner of death, or something you endured in that life such as abuse.

Often it leaks into this life because there was no time to process it in the other life, or you chose not to process it between lives.

For me, because of that life as an apprentice midwife, I have an unreasonable fear of large dogs.  No matter how cute or how reassuring the owner is that “he doesn’t bite, he’s super friendly” all I can think of when I’m near large dogs is how they can tear me to pieces in seconds if they desire.

I flashback to those moments of feeling the bite and the tearing of my flesh from my face, neck, and chest.  I’m more afraid of dogs than snakes, bears, or sharks.

How do you know if you have a past life trauma carryover? 

I was afraid of large dogs since I was a child, but that fear only grew as I got older.  It took me a while to realize it was not because of something that happened to me in this life but in another one.

Not everyone remembers their past lives, but you may still be carrying an unreasonable fear or panic about something.  

For example, people who were hung in a past life often hate wearing turtlenecks or choker necklaces.

Someone who drowned in a past life may fear water, or hate the feel of water on their face.

Someone who was stabbed to death in a back alley may be unreasonably fearful of alleys or of being alone on the street at night.

If you can’t find a reason for your fears and panic in this life, you may want to look into the possibility of a past life trauma carryover.  Once you discover the source, often the fear eases.  If it doesn’t, you can actually get some past life therapy about it to release the fear and let it go.

Will you carry the trauma into every life?

Sometimes it will reappear in the next life, sometimes it skips some lives. It depends on what experiences you’re having.

If you were afraid of sharks in one life because you got eaten by one, then maybe in this life you are inspired to become a marine biologist which heals your fear.

Or maybe in a past life you were killed by a hippopotamus, but in this life you’ve never encountered one so the fear doesn’t surface.

While it’s not always critical to discover and overcome a past life trauma, if you find that you cannot function in this life because of one, it may be of benefit to explore and release the trauma so you can improve your quality of life.

Book a past life reading with me if you want to explore something you think may be related to past life trauma carryover.

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