What Happens to Energetic Cords after Death?

I received this question from a reader recently, “Dearest Erin, my sister died a week ago and I am crushed. We were so close in this life, and now that she is gone, I want to know if there is still a connection between us or if she will fade away from me over time?  I need her with me so badly.”

Energetic cords connect us with our loved ones.  In fact, we have cord connections with all souls, living or deceased, it’s just that some cords carry stronger connections than others.

You will naturally have strong energetic cords with people you love and know well.  The more time you spend with them, the stronger the cords will become.

These cords connect you on some sort of quantum level.  You can often feel what someone else is feeling, or know when they are thinking about you.  When they feel pain, you may feel their pain.  And when they feel love and joy, you may feel that as well.

The energy that pulses through the cord can wax and wane throughout your lives as you interact more or interact less with each other.  That’s normal and nothing to be concerned about.

So when someone you love passes away, it’s natural to wonder if the cord breaks.  It does not.

Your energetic connection to them remains even while you are in the physical and they are in the ether.  You will still feel their energy, their presence, and their love pulsing at you from the other side.

You may need to tune in to feel it sometimes, and other times it may just hit you randomly and you’ll gasp with the strength of it.

Can you intentionally break a cord with someone you don’t care for anymore?

Yes, but I wouldn’t say break as I do feel that all of humanity is connected by cords, but like I mentioned some connections are much weaker than others.  So if you find yourself no longer resonating with someone you used to be close to, you can stop pumping energy into that cord and the connection will fade away over time.

If you want to strengthen the cord with someone on the other side, do the following:

Light a candle in the dark and stare at it, thinking about the person and sending love.

Set aside a period of time and meditate, visualizing yourself with the person or visualizing the cord being full of energy

Talk to them like they are still on Earth with you.  Don’t lose touch with reality though.

Meet them in your dreams if you are able to lucid dream when you desire.

Create a little altar or shrine with something personal or something you two shared.

Talk about them with others.  This keeps the connection going as well.

Remember the times you had with them.

When you go back to the ether yourself, there will be a reunion, and the energy in the cord will surge once more.  It will be wonderful!

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