How to Use a Pendulum Most Effectively

When it comes to divination tools, pendulums are one of the easiest tools to use to begin connecting with the other side to get wisdom, insight, and practical advice.  But pendulums can be tricky if you don’t know how to ask the right questions.

If you want to get the most out of using a pendulum, follow this advice.

Choosing a Pendulum

A pendulum is simply a heavy item at the bottom of a string, cord, or chain.  You could buy something beautiful and fancy with a crystal on the bottom of a silver chain, or you could literally tie a bolt to the end of some strong thread and use that.

The tool is just that, a tool.  There are no magical properties in the tool.  The “magic” is in letting your guides move through you while holding the pendulum.  

It is helpful, however, to obtain or create a pendulum that is symmetrical so it doesn’t swing wonky on its axis.

Preparing to Use the Pendulum

I highly recommend before you begin using the pendulum that you get into a high vibrational state.  

You are going to essentially be giving your spirit guides permission to use your hand and the pendulum to communicate with you.  

You don’t want to inadvertently let some low vibration entity hijack your hand, right?

You want to make sure you are getting advice from your guides and not something nefarious.

To get into a high vibrational state, you can meditate, clear your chakras, play some relaxing meditation music, light a candle, burn some incense – whatever you would normally do to get into state is good.

Holding the Pendulum

When you’re ready to start, you’re going to hold the chain (or string, or cord, etc.) about 2 inches from the top.  Put your elbow on a table to stabilize your arm.  Then let the pendulum settle to the point where it’s completely still.  

Some people like to just hold the pendulum in the air without stabilizing their arm.  I don’t recommend that as even the slightest shake or instability in your arm can cause the pendulum to swing incorrectly.

When the pendulum is hanging still, you’re ready to begin.

Decide Direction

With a pendulum you will be asking yes/no questions, so you need to pre-arrange with your guides which direction means what.

A circular motion could be a yes.  While a back-and-forth motion could be no.

Some people choose an east/west motion to mean yes, and a north/south motion to be no.

Or you could choose a clockwise circle for yes, and counterclockwise for no.

It’s entirely up to you to make this decision, but make sure you decide and mentally tell your guides what means what so they know how to make the pendulum move.

Ask your Questions

Now you’re ready to ask questions.

The way you ask your questions will determine how accurate the answers are that you receive.

You must ask a yes/no question, but sometimes the answer isn’t that simple. 

For example, if you say, “Am I healthy?” your guides may want to tell you that for the most part you are healthy, but you’ve got a kidney stone brewing.  How are they going to tell you that using a yes/no format?

If the pendulum swings to “yes” you may erroneously think you’re just fine.

If the pendulum swings to “no” you will have to ask a TON of follow up questions to arrive at “kidney stone’s a’brewing.”

Imagine running through all the possibilities.  Am I about to have a heart attack?  No.  Am I about to have a stroke?  No.  Am I infected with Covid?  No.  Do I have toe fungus?  No.  Before long you and your guides will get tired of trying to pinpoint the answer.  

If you want to ask a health question, you’re going to have to have some idea of an area or situation that’s bothering you, then ask about it.

Relationship questions are tricky too.

“Does Josh like me?”  Yes.

“Does Josh want to date me?” No.

“Wow, okay, does Josh think I’m pretty?”  Yes.

“Is Josh afraid to ask me out?”  No.

“Is he waiting for me to ask him out?”  No.

“Is Josh single?”  Yes.

“Why doesn’t Josh want to date me?!?”  No answer because it’s not a yes/no question.

You can spend a lot of time on this until you ask the right question.

“Wait, is Josh gay?”  Yes.

You need to be prepared to ask a lot of questions to sus out the situation.  Stay very focused and you’ll save time.

Working with a pendulum is like playing “20 Questions.”  If you are patient, you will get the answers you seek.

How Useful are Pendulums Really?

There is a low barrier of entry in using a pendulum.  If you are able to get to a high vibration and you can phrase your questions well, a pendulum is a really easy and quick way to get answers from the other side. Anyone can use a pendulum.

If you want detailed answers from your guides, though, then I highly recommend you instead develop your clair abilities (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance).  

Using those four modalities can give you detailed answers quickly.  It takes more training, for sure, but will serve you your entire life. 

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