What Does It Mean If Your Intuition Is Wrong?

I was doing a reading for a client who was regularly meditating to connect with her spirit guides.  She told me that her intuition told her the guy she was dating was “the one” but he turned out to be emotionally abusive and controlling. She wanted to know why her intuition was wrong.

Let’s discuss.

There are several reasons your intuition may appear to be on the fritz.

User Error

You may not be receiving information accurately.  It can take some time, patience, and practice to tune in to your spirit guides well enough to get the information they are sending you.  There are many methods of tuning in, all of which I cover in my online course, The Intuition Development Program.  

You must practice and experiment until you are sure that what you are receiving is coming from your guides, angels, higher self, and other unseen helpers on the other side.  You can’t just pick up a pendulum and start swinging.  You can’t just open a box of tarot cards and assume you can use them correctly.  

You’ve got to put in the time and energy to learn how to connect and tune in which will increase the accuracy of your self-readings.

Wrong Interpretation

Now maybe you’re tuning in well and you are receiving guidance directly from your spirit guides.  You can see, hear, feel and understand them no problem.  But perhaps your interpretation of what they are sending you is wrong.

For example, I had a client who received a clairvoyant image of herself being on a teeter totter with a new fellow.  In the image, they were going up and down, up and down, and sometimes he would get off the teeter totter and she would hit the ground.

Her interpretation of this symbolism was that they were “in this together” each carrying their weight in the relationship, and that sometimes he had to take a break to gather himself.

My interpretation of her vision was that her guides were telling her there would be many ups and downs, constantly even, and that he would sometimes bail on her and let her down.

She told me that’s exactly what was happening in their relationship.  

Correct interpretation of guidance is just as important as receiving it in the first place.  So that’s something you have to practice as well.

Wishful Thinking

Sometimes you are not receiving guidance from your spirit guides.  You are engaging in wishful thinking.  You want something to be a certain way and you imagine that your guides are telling you it’s going to be that way. 

I often see this happen to people who think they are receiving signs from the other side, such as repeating numbers, or seeing the same kind of car on the road, or finding pennies on the ground.  They imagine that this is their guides sending the signs.

While guides do send signs in various ways, sometimes your own wishful thinking causes you to think something is a sign when it isn’t. 

The best way to know if a sign, signal, or synchronicity is really coming from your guides is through practice, data collection, and examining results.  

If the signs you get never lead to the outcome you think they will, consider that you may be engaging in wishful thinking and not receiving true guidance.

Using the Wrong Tool

It’s hard to fish with a hammer.  Utilizing your intuition means using the right tool for the job. 

Pendulums are a good example of a tool that could easily steer you wrong.  With a pendulum you really only have two answers to choose from, but what if the situation is more complicated than a yes/no answer?

For example, let’s say you ask the pendulum, “Will I have a baby with John?”  What if the guides want to tell you that you’re having a baby, but it isn’t with John?  How are they supposed to answer the question the way you asked it?  

How are your guides supposed to get you the rich, detailed information they need to send you if you are using a tool that limits their ability to express themselves?

My advice is to work on your clairs, which will allow you to receive information four different ways.  If you want to be able to rely on your intuition, I do think it’s important to put in the training so you’re sure that what you’re getting is legit.

Those Aren’t the Guides You’re Looking For

Lastly, remember that sometimes you’re simply not tuning in to your guides.  You could be receiving advice from nefarious, low vibration beings who enjoy nothing more than trying to ruin your life. 

I’ve had clients who think they are getting amazing information from the other side, but when they share it with me I have to cringe a little.

Example, “My guides told me if I jump off this bridge, I will open my third eye.”  Those aren’t your guides.  Believe me.

Or this one, “My guides told me that if I donate all my jewelry to charity that I will receive riches beyond my wildest dreams within 7 days!”  Nope.  Not your guides.

So how are you supposed to know who you’re talking to?

You need to use some common sense and run the “advice” you’re getting through a sanity checker. 

You also need to practice like we talked about.  You have to get to a high enough vibration to leave the low vibration entities in the dust.

You have to learn what it feels like to connect to your guides so you know their signature when they reach out to you.

Intuition is a wonderful tool.  Everyone has access to it.  But like with anything you do, practice makes perfect.  Don’t go in blind.  Learn how to tap into your intuition reliably and accurately for best results.

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