The Afterlife with Leslie Jordan

I had a dream recently about the late actor, Leslie Jordan.  He greeted me cordially and said “Welcome, welcome, I’m so glad you could come for a visit.  Oh, we’re going to have so much fun tonight!”

I smiled and said, “Awesome, I can’t wait.”

He walked us into a restaurant and said, “Now sit down right here, I’m going to order us something so delightful you’ll think you’ve died and gone to Heaven,” and he laughed at his joke.

He signaled to a waitress who brought us each a bowl.

He said, “Now this here is a strawberry dessert and it’s the creamiest most delicious thing you will ever put in your mouth.  Now come on and take a bite with me.”

There was a soft fluffy cake with juicy strawberries on top and whipped cream.

He said, “That’s Chantilly cream, you know.  It’s better than that stuff in the tub.”

And I tasted this dessert and it was the most vibrantly delicious food I ever tasted. Sweet, juicy, creamy, and delightful, just like he promised.

He threw his head back and said, “Oh, this is so yummy, I could just eat it for eternity, and I guess I will be!” 

He was cracking me up.

I said, “So are you enjoying life here on the other side?”

He leaned in a bit and said, “You know what? This place is just the most wonderful place to be.  So many souls, so much joy, there’s laughter.  Hell, if I had known how great it was here I would have come earlier!  Oh shoot, don’t tell anyone I said ‘Hell.’”

We finished our treat and started walking around.  

I said, “So what else do you do for fun?”

He said, “Well honestly, I just love meeting new people.  When you meet someone here instead of asking how they are you ask how they died.  Isn’t that funny?  But I also really love checking in on the people who are still living.  We can see everyone. It’s like watching a movie.”

I said, “What’s it like for you to see those you’ve left behind?”

He said, “You know it’s hard sometimes because I can see people struggling. I do wish there was something I could do for them.  But everyone has to live their life the way they want.  We’re not allowed to interfere.”

I said, “That’s what I’ve been told as well.”

He said, “You know life is really just so short.  We all need to just let love in and be kind to each other, you know?  It really just costs nothing to be kind.  Everyone is struggling with something.  Be a light for others.”

Then he turned and looked at me very seriously and said, “Will you please tell everyone how truly grateful I am for their thoughts and prayers when I passed away?  I was deeply touched by the outpouring of love and affection.  I am okay and having the time of my life.”

I said, “I will!”

He smiled again and said, “You’re about to wake up, Honey.  Thank you for visiting with me and please come back any time.  There’s so much more to show you.”

I woke with a big smile on my face.  His energy is so contagious and fun.  I hope I do get a chance to visit with him again.  He was absolutely delightful.

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