What is the meaning of intense dreaming?

Welcome to the very first episode of my new YouTube series, Ask Erin Pavlina. Each week I’ll post a new video that answers a question submitted by one of my readers. Please share with your friends who you think might be interested in this topic. And feel free to submit a question of your own…. Read On

Why don’t you just channel God instead of spirit guides?

Question: If God, or as you call it, Source, really exists, then how come when you do your readings for people you connect with their spirit guides? Wouldn’t it be better to just go straight to the Source for information? Why work with middle men? Answer: This is a great question and one I’ve been… Read On

Hey, Who Moved My Guides?

Do you ever feel like your guides abandoned you? Do you wonder if they’ve jumped ship and taken off for greener pastures? “Forget this bloke, he never listens. Let’s go guide someone else.” Can guides … *gulp* … actually leave you? Here you are in the middle of a crisis, another disaster, one failure on… Read On

Is guidance from your higher self better than guidance from your spirit guides?

Question:  On your recent Teleseminar you mentioned that you communicate more often with your higher self than your guides.  Is that something we should all be doing?  I thought guides were there to, well, guide us. Answer:  Both your higher self and your spirit guides are there to help you navigate your way through life,… Read On

How can I learn to trust my psychic abilities?

Question:  How can I learn to trust my psychic abilities, specifically clairvoyance and the images I get?  How do I know if they are real or have any real meaning? Answer:  Clairvoyance means clear-seeing.  It is the psychic faculty that goes through the third eye chakra located between your eyebrows.  With clairvoyance you see images… Read On