Do our guides get angry with us if we ask for too much help?

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This week’s question comes from Rina. The question is:

“Do our guides get annoyed with us if we ask for too much help?”

And the answer is…

Here is a transcription of the video:

Welcome to another episode of “Ask Erin Pavlina.” Today’s question comes from Rena. She writes, “Do our guides get annoyed at us if we ask for too much help?”

Well, Rena, no. They never get annoyed with us when we ask for help, and they don’t get annoyed if we seem to be asking for a lot of help. I would say it’s more likely they are going to be frustrated that you’re not hearing them or receiving the help that they’re sending. This is what I see more often.

See a lot of people come to me and say “I talk to my spirit guides all the time, but they never respond.” Well, it’s more likely that you’re just not hearing them or receiving them, and it can take time to develop the ability to clearly understand the communication that your spirit guides are sending you.

They are sending you signs, signals, synchronicities, all day long you’re getting intuitive insights and intuitive flashes that they’re sending through sort of a broadcast to you. So the real question is: Are you getting the message? If you’re not getting the message you need to learn how to tune in better and learn to start recognizing when you’re receiving intuitive help from the other side.

I would say, also, that when you ask your guides for help, make sure that you’re not whining about your life. Don’t just talk to them about how horrible things are going for you. Try to get some clarity on what you really want, because if you don’t have clarity, they can’t help you. If you’re not asking for something in particular, or if you’re not clear about your intentions, what are they supposed to do? Now your guides have a clear idea of the direction that is best for you. And so they will try to send you help to get you going down the right path, the path that will be best for you, but if you’re not receiving their communication and continue to go down the wrong corridor in your maze, how are they supposed to get your attention?

So I would say, maybe instead of asking them for help take time out and listen to what they’re already trying to send you. Some people can easily tune into their spirit guides and get direction and some people need to go to an intuitive or a psychic to get information from the spirit guides because they can’t do it on their own and that is something that I do do for people. Although, it’s my goal to try teach people how to tune in on their own.

So for more information on that, definitely visit my blog because there are a lot of articles about spirit guides and how to tune into them on the blog. Anyway, it’s a good question. Your guides do not get upset or angry because they’re there to help you and they signed up for this gig so they know what they’re getting into. But take some time to take notice of the help they’re already sending you that you may not be seeing. You might be surprised by how easy and effortless your life becomes once you learn how to tune into the information and the help they’re already sending you. Good luck.

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