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Dreams and Predicting Future Events

Dreams and Predicting Future Events by Erin Pavlina |

I get a lot of emails from people who have had strong, powerful, clear dreams that something disastrous is coming.  Some dream that their deceased relative tells them someone in the family is going to die.  Some dream of world disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes.  Some dream something pleasant like a future wedding to the person they love.  But how can you tell if a dream you have is prophetic?

I’ve had many dreams that had some element of future prediction in them.  And I’ve had dreams that felt very real but nothing ever came of them.  So while I know that dreams can be prophetic, I also know that not every disaster dream is a portent.  I have found no way to discern when a dream I’ve had is an actual sending (a portent of things to come sent from beings with a higher perspective than I have) or just a regular dream, except that sometimes the portent dreams have a more lucid feel to them.

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In one instance I had a dream that an uncle called me.  I hadn’t spoken to this particular uncle on the phone in probably 5 years, but in the dream he called me out of the blue to tell me he had cancer and was dying.  I was very upset when I woke up.  A few hours later, my phone rang and it was this very same uncle!  A chill went through me.  He never called me so why was he calling now?  I was certain he was about to tell me he had cancer and was dying, but in fact he was simply calling to find out if I was planning to drive in to L.A. for our family’s thanksgiving celebration.  So what was that?  I seemed to accurately pick up on the fact that he was going to call me (after 5 years with no contact), but the content of the dream after that was not true.  It’s too much of a coincidence to discount entirely.

In another dream, my deceased grandfather came to me and told me I was going to have a miscarriage.  This is something I wrote about in my blog entry, A Visit from Grandpa.  What he told me in my dream turned out to be very true.  That was a sending.

But I’ve had plenty of dreams about earthquakes, floods, meteor showers, and other disasters that have never come true.  Dreams that were very powerful and made me think they were impending disasters, but nothing came of them.  I’ve also had dreams of people in my family dying and they are still here years later.

If you have a dream where a deceased loved one is warning you of the impending death of a member of your family it might be a true portent or it might not. I wish I had some way of telling you how you can discern the difference, but I haven’t found a reliable method myself.  It would be easier if all such dreams never came true because then we could conclude that dreams are not windows to the future.  But I’ve had enough dreams come true to know it’s possible to pick up and receive accurate and correct information about a future event.  Sometimes the precognitive dreams have a different feeling to them, but it’s hard to describe and isn’t always consistent.

So what should you do if you have a powerful dream that leaves you feeling emotionally distraught because you fear something terrible is about to happen?  Do the best you can to prevent it, I suppose.  It can’t hurt.  Make some calls, check on your relatives, buy supplies to ride out a disaster, change your plane reservation.  You can only do so much.  You don’t want to give your power away to an event that may or may not ever happen, so be cautious but optimistic.  Be prepared but don’t go crazy.

If you want to have more prophetic dreams, work on your ability to recall your dreams, meditate before you go to bed to raise your vibration, work on your psychic development, learn lucid dreaming, and pay attention to the different feelings you have in your dreams so you can start to categorize them.

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