Can real people appear in your dreams?

Question: When I see a person in a dream, how can I distinguish whether it’s really him (his subconscious, higher self or whatever) or a figment of my own imagination? Is there a reliable way?

Answer:  Most of the characters in your dreams are going to be constructs of your own subconscious mind.  There will be no other consciousness in your dream except you, so anyone else you see there is just a manifestation of your subconscious.

However, dreams are an excellent place to meet up with other conscious beings including your higher self, your spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, celestial beings, and even deceased relatives. You could also meet up with your friends in a dream, but this is extraordinarily rare as it is extremely difficult to sync up your dreams and brainwaves, and most people lack the skills necessary to share dreams with other sleeping people.

In my own experience, I have met up with deceased relatives who have passed on some information to me.  I’ve met with my spirit guides and higher self.  And I’ve experienced a shared dream (where me and a friend were both having the same dream on the same night and seeing the dream from our own perspectives) a few times with a few select people under some very unusual circumstances.  Like I said, that’s really rare.

If you are not lucid in your dream, chances are excellent that anyone else in there is a construct of your subconscious mind.  If you’re not lucid and there is another conscious being in your dream, you’ll never know it.

On a few occasions my dreams have also been invaded by conscious entities that were not friendly.  I repeat, not friendly!  I got the heck out of there as fast as I could.  They were crafty and well versed in the art of energy siphoning. If this paragraph causes you to back up, freak out, or decide I’m nuts, then you haven’t been experimenting enough on the dream plane.  Not that you necessarily should, mind you, but for those in the advanced class I wanted to mention it. 😉

The dream plane is an in-between place.  Think of it like a launching pad to go exploring in many different directions.  Be mindful of who is in there with you.

Now, all that said, some people report having intense conversations with me in their dreams and people want to know if it’s my higher self they’re having the conversation with.  That is possible.  You could be having a dream with your friend in it and you feel like they are really there, but if your friend doesn’t remember the experience then you were probably with their higher self.  It depends on the situation and the dream and how lucid you were and how conscious the other person seemed, but it is possible to communicate with the higher self of a friend of yours.

Bottom line is this:  If you’re in a dream and you’re communicating with someone, it’s either a product of your subconscious mind, or you’re really communicating with them but if so they’ll remember the same dream the next day, or it’s their higher self.  Without being in the dream with you it would be hard for me to say which of the three you’re experiencing.  The clarity of the dream and communication and your level of lucidity are the best indicators of the reality of the conscious mind in there with you.  The only reliable way to know if it was really a friend is if he tells you the same dream the next day.

In the meantime, dream responsibly.  Learn lucid dreaming.  Stay conscious.  Be alert.  And don’t let unfriendlies suck at your energy.

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