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Will a Missed Opportunity Come Back Around?

“If your spirit guides or the universe send you an opportunity that is in alignment with your life path, but you don’t take the opportunity, will they send it around again? I’m afraid I missed something I can never get back.” – Jacqui

Your spirit guides know your master plan. They know why you incarnated and what you hoped to accomplish in this life. They work behind the scenes to help you achieve, accomplish, and find a path that will make you very happy in this life.

They will arrange, nudge, and orchestrate opportunities for you to get what you desire. They work on this constantly.

You work on this as well. Your vibration – what you expect, what you desire – also determines what opportunities fall into your lap. You can create and manifest what you desire by being in vibrational harmony with what you say you want.

So together, you and your guides are constantly manifesting. You are constantly given threads from the Universe with which to weave the tapestry of your life.

Sometimes an opportunity will present itself, but for some reason you don’t take it. Maybe it involves moving to a new city and your spouse can’t easily get a new job in that city. Maybe you don’t feel ready for the challenge, even though it’s something you’ve been saying you want to do. Like the time the Oprah Winfrey’s producer invited me to be on her radio show and I declined.

Whatever the reason, you let it go, and it slips away from your grasp.

Will the opportunity come back around?

Probably. I say probably because you and your guides will need to manifest the opportunity again, and there is no point in manifesting something you just turned down.

So you have to solve whatever problem caused you to skip the opportunity when it first presented itself.

You have to get over your fear. Or you have to have the logistics worked out ahead of time. You need to show the universe that if the opportunity comes back around that you will take it, eagerly. You must become a full, complete, total vibrational match for this desire.

So if you’re being presented with what seems like a fantastic opportunity, but you end up not taking it, start asking yourself what needs to happen for it to be a “hell yeah!” opportunity; one that you can easily and eagerly grasp.

Once you are sure you are a vibrational match, your guides will begin the work of bringing the opportunity back to you. Be ready to take it when it comes around again.

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