The Break-Up is the Blessing

About 40% of the readings I do for clients involve people asking for relationship advice.

Some people want to know if the person they are dating is good long-term material, or if they should get a divorce, or how to meet the person of their dreams.

Your guides can help you with all of that.

But what I want to talk about today are break-ups.  

Often I read for people who have been with someone for quite a while.  But the relationship isn’t going so well, people are fighting, compatibility is fading, maybe one partner is cheating.

People want to know if they should hang on to something that is going bad or just let go.

Mostly what I hear is, “But we’ve been together so long, I don’t want to throw all these years away.”

Your guides can tell you what needs to happen to repair a relationship that’s going bad, because it is possible to revive a flailing partnership.

But more often your guides will encourage you to separate.


Because they know that the break-up is the blessing.  

The break-up is a course correction for you and for your partner.  The break-up affords both of you the opportunity to find happiness in your life before it’s too late.

For some people it’s really hard to let go, and that’s why making a concerted effort to save the relationship is not a bad idea.

But if you find you cannot swing the relationship pendulum back to joy, please don’t be afraid to break-up.

Once you do, your guides will move heaven and Earth to connect you with someone who is a match for who you are today.  And if you just want to be by yourself, they will absolutely support that path as well.

Break-ups are not failures.  They are corrections.  They are often blessings in disguise.  Sometimes you have to release what’s anchoring you in place if you want to fly again.

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