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Why Are There So Many Souls on Earth Right Now? (Video)

Today, we delve into a question from one of my readers that has undoubtedly crossed the minds of many – the abundance of souls incarnating on Earth.

The Enigma of Souls on Earth

Have you ever wondered why, in the last century, Earth’s population has experienced an unprecedented explosion? Joe, a curious reader, asked whether souls might be seeking refuge from an unsustainable existence on another planet.

The truth is, the number of souls here is but a fraction of what’s available on the other side. In this cosmic ballet, only a fortunate seven or eight billion have chosen Earth as their temporary corporeal home.

The Waiting Game: Souls, Bodies, and Bureaucracy

Ever thought about the bureaucracy of getting back to the planet? Souls decide when to incarnate, but then they wait for a vessel – a body.

It’s not a bottleneck created by cosmic administrators; it’s the intricate dance of timing. Souls patiently wait for their parents to unite and create the vessel they’ll inhabit.

The process is a harmonious symphony, with no one on the other side preventing souls from incarnating. As long as bodies are being created, souls will find their way to Earth.

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Choosing Vessels: A Soulful Duet

In this cosmic opera, do two souls ever vie for the same body? Absolutely.

When I connect with individuals during readings, they often ask about having children. It turns out, on the other side, there might be a plan – not a contract, but a plan – for a couple of souls to incarnate as your children.

However, if circumstances change, and you decide on one child instead of two, those souls on the other side negotiate amongst themselves. It’s a beautiful dance of cooperation and understanding among souls, ensuring that every incarnation holds purpose and meaning.

So, as we contemplate the tapestry of souls on Earth, remember, the ebb and flow of life present opportunities that may not be immediately apparent. Much like the Law of Attraction, where what we focus on becomes our reality, the journey of souls on Earth is a complex, interconnected dance. Embrace the mystery, cherish the surprises, and, as always, stay tuned for more cosmic insights.

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