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Top Tips: How to Remember a Past Life

Understanding past lives can often provide insights into present experiences, offering a possible explanation for unresolved traumas or recurring patterns. But how can you recall a past life? Here are some effective methods:

Remember Your Dreams

I have had several past lives revealed to me in vivid dreams.  During the dream I know who I was, where I lived, the most important events that occurred in that life, and how I died.  I have also seen people in my past lives that are now in my current one.

Dreams are the perfect landscape for your spirit guides to reveal a past life to you.  Before you go to sleep ask your guides to send you a dream that shows a past life.  You may need to make this request many times before you get one, but it’s worth the effort and only takes a few seconds to make the request.

If you can’t remember your dreams try another method for past life recall.

See a Past Life Regression Therapist

Your past lives are locked away in the recesses of your mind.  A professional past life regression therapist who has been trained to uncover your past lives with you can help you remember in a single session. 

The therapist will put you in a hypnotic state and ask your subconscious mind to recall a past life.  He or she will then guide you through that life, asking you questions about what you’re seeing and experiencing.  It can be a very powerful and life-altering experience to know who you were in a past life.  

Ask a Psychic About a Past Life

Many professional intuitives offer past life readings.  If you can’t remember your dreams and if you don’t want to see a past life regression therapist, you can cut out the middle man, so to speak, and simply ask a psychic to tell you about your past lives.

I started offering past life readings in 2017 and have seen first-hand how powerful it is to know how a past life experience might be encroaching on or interfering with this current life.

Knowing about past lives can help you see patterns in this one; patterns you may want to break, cycles you may want to end, trauma you may need to release.  

Embark on a transformative journey into your past lives – book a past life reading session with me and unravel the mysteries shaping your present existence today!

Self-Guided Meditation

If you don’t want to see a professional, you can try a self-guided meditation to remember your past lives.  

Get comfortable, make sure you won’t be interrupted, and do some deep breathing to relax yourself and your mind.

Then imagine you are sitting in a movie theatre and ask your spirit guides to show you a past life.  Wait for the movie to start and just watch it in your mind’s eye, like a passive observer.  Do not try to control the scene, just let it play out for you naturally.

Look for Clues in Your Current Life

Sometimes skills and talents you had in a past life show up in this one.

Do you have a strong interest and aptitude for music?  Perhaps you were a professional musician in a past life.

Do you feel unreasonably panicked when you see orcas?  You may have had a traumatic encounter with one in your past life.

Do you feel drawn to a specific ancient culture and research it for fun because it has a strong pull on you?  You may have lived in that culture and be remembering things from that life.

In my readings with clients, I’ve had people who were hanged and they tell me that in this life they cannot wear a turtleneck sweater or a choker necklace.  People who were burned at the stake who have an unreasoning fear of fire, beyond what would be normal.

You may feel drawn to a certain city or country because you lived there in a past life.  Or you may feel drawn to certain hair or clothing styles because you used to wear them yourself.

Do You Need to Remember a Past life?

There’s no spiritual imperative for you to recall a past life.  If it was critical to living this one we would all be born with the knowledge of our past lives.

But if past life trauma is bleeding into this life and you want to release it, you have to know what happened before.

Also, it’s fun to learn about who you may have been in a past life.  I’ve had some clients explore 10-20 of their past lives and it’s been helping them piece together a story arc that is helping them understand their current life issues.

Whether you remember your past lives or not, rest assured that when you get to the other side you will have access to all of them.  They are not lost in time.  They are in your Askashic record, ready for you to access when you desire. 

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