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Psychic vs Medium: What Are the Differences? Which One Am I?

Psychic vs. Medium. Which one am I?

Many people use the terms “psychic” and “medium” interchangeably. While they are certainly related, and in the same industry, there are actually some major differences. If you understand the differences, you can use that information to get the best reading from your intuitive professional.

To use an analogy, a radiologist and a cardiologist are both doctors, but you probably want the cardiologist performing your open-heart surgery, not the radiologist.

So let’s talk about the differences and then how to choose what you need most.

What is a psychic?

A psychic is someone who can tune in to conscious beings on the other side and get specific advice for you related to practical matters like career, relationships, finances, and health. Your spirit guides relay information to the psychic and then the psychic relays that information to you.

By the end of the reading, you should have a clear idea of your best path towards your goals and know how you’re going to get there in the shortest amount of time possible.

Psychics can tell you what will happen to you if you stay on your current trajectory, or if you take another path.

A psychic’s true gift is the ability to receive energetic information from the other side and translate it into words that can be shared with a client. This ability to understand energetic language is what makes a psychic very valuable since most people do not know how to tune in to their spirit guides to get guidance on their own.

A psychic can shave years off your learning curve, preventing you from going down a path that leads to heartache, and helping you find the path that leads to a joyful life.

What is a medium?

A medium is someone who can communicate with your deceased loved ones on the other side.

Your dearly departed family and friends love to communicate with you; usually to tell you they are alright on the other side, or simply to share a moment of connection.

But again, most people cannot hear or see their loved ones, and that’s where a medium can help.

Like a professional psychic, a medium will tune in to the other side, but instead of seeking wisdom and advice for you on topics such as career and relationships, the medium will connect with the deceased.

Your deceased loved ones are not in the business of giving you advice about your life, even if that’s what they loved to do when they were living. Instead, they will share stories of their time on Earth, and give the medium some information that will validate that they are actually communicating from the great beyond.

Hearing from a deceased loved one, knowing they are happy and at peace on the other side, and that we will see them again when we pass, is one of the greatest gifts a person can receive. It can really set your mind at ease, especially if you believe that when we die we are no more. Having this validation is priceless.

Psychic vs. Medium, which should you choose?

Deciding whether to consult with a psychic or a medium is simply a matter of deciding if you want to connect with a loved one, or whether you need practical advice on your life path.

Do not confuse the two or you may be disappointed by your reading.

If you ask your dear Aunt Ida how to be rich and successful in your banking career it will not be as useful as asking your spirit guides the same question.

Spirit guides are specifically trained and assigned to you before birth to help you achieve your life intention. Aunt Ida wants you to know that she’s okay, that she loves you, and that you should make her famous apple pie recipe at the next family gathering.

Which am I?

I am both a psychic and a medium. However, I would say about 90% of my readings are psychic in nature, and the other 10% are from clients who desire connection with a deceased loved one.

You should know that no medium can guarantee contact with a specific person on the other side. All we can do is call out to them and wait to see if they want to communicate. Sometimes they are hovering quite closely and sometimes they have turned their attention elsewhere. You will still see them when you cross over even if they’re already reincarnated, as you will connect with their higher self who remains in the ether.

I get a great deal of joy serving in both capacities.

Explore your life’s path with clarity and purpose – book a personalized psychic reading with me, for transformative insights and guidance.

I have clients who have been consulting with me for more than a decade, and I’ve watched many of them go from college (“what should I major in?”) to being successful writers, programmers, entrepreneurs, coaches, intuitives, attorneys, doctors, you name it!

I’ve had clients refer me to their adult children for guidance. That’s so cool for me because I get to see how they turned out after answering questions for their parents about them when they were young children.

I read for people who are hanging on by a thread and need to hear that one thing that will give them hope.

I read for people who are recently divorced and fearful of their future. People who escaped abusive relationships and need guidance on picking up the pieces of their lives.

I’ve read for people on all 7 continents. I never thought I’d reach Antarctica but there have been two clients there now.

And on the mediumship front, I’ve connected with people who have suicided or been murdered and passed along vital information their families needed for closure.

I’ve read for several people who were missing and I’ve been able to lead authorities to their bodies. This is rare, but it has happened.

My time as a professional intuitive has been extremely rewarding. I feel very connected to my clients and feel great joy when their life paths manifest in the way they desire.

So now when you’re trying to decide whether to book a reading with a psychic or a medium, you’ll know which one to select. And if you have life questions in addition to wanting to connect with loved ones, you can look for a psychic medium and get both.

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