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Does Hell Exist? Does Satan Exist?

I get asked these two questions a lot.

I’ve never been to Hell, never heard a dead person speak of it, nor have I ever heard a spirit guide discuss it with me.  I have also never met or heard of a human being who has died, gone to Hell, and come back to tell the tale.

I do not believe in the Christian Hell.  It makes no sense to me.  My understanding is that a murderer can repent for his sins on his deathbed and go to Heaven if he accepts the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior.  But if I live my entire life with compassion, peace, and love in my heart, never intentionally hurting another living soul, and I do not accept Jesus as my savior then it’s off to the fires for me.  How is that fair?

Truthfully?  I believe Hell was made up by men who wanted to scare the living daylights out of people, and so they concocted the stories, put it in a book, and passed it on from one generation to another, and now some people accept it as fact.

If there is a hell, it’s the hell you create in your own mind.  My guides have explained to me that one of the reasons people resist crossing over when they’ve died is because they fear the judgment and damnation of God and assume, based on their life events, that they are going to Hell.  Who would be in a hurry to cross over if they assumed Hell was waiting for them on the other side?  So it’s all just great.  All the murderers and rapists and child molestors are hanging around ouija boards because they have to suck the energy of living people to keep from crossing over.  This does not help us.

Don’t bad guys get punished somehow?  Sure.  They punish themselves with guilt and shame when they get to the other side and go through their life review.  You want to talk about Hell?  Sit with Hitler during his life review as he realizes that he has to fix and make amends in another incarnation for the acts he committed during his time on Earth.

So what about Satan?  Does he exist?  This is more of a gray area as far as I’m concerned.  I have never met Satan, my guides don’t talk to me about Satan, and I don’t personally know anyone who has ever encountered him.  I know there are lower vibrational beings out there who might be trying to harm us and who will take advantage of our fear, shame, guilt, anger, and pride.  They are to be avoided, which is why raising your vibration and your level of consciousness is so important. 

I’ve met spirits masquerading as Satan though.  And I’ve encountered some powerful demons on the astral plane, which makes me wonder if they have a “boss.”  Maybe he would be considered Satan.  I don’t know.  As with all things, I try not to adopt a belief in something unless it empowers me and/or I have experienced it personally.

I do know that being afraid of Satan, demons, and evil men does me no good.  The more I vibrate with love, joy, and peace, the less I encounter anything I would consider evil or negative.  So that’s the direction I’ll continue to head.

Hell is not a place, but a state of mind and an expectation.  You have the power to avoid Hell any time you wish.  The choice is yours.  Whether you believe in Hell or not, isn’t it logical to act with love, compassion, and peace towards your fellow Man?  Then it doesn’t matter whether Hell exists or not.  You won’t be going there.

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