4 Signs You’re Living Your Life’s Purpose

Before you incarnated you made a conscious decision to come to Earth. No one sent you here against your will. You looked at the playground of humanity and said “Yes, it’s time. I want to go.” People come to Earth for many reasons. Some souls come here to experience physicality since they don’t experience it… Read On

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Weaving Your Tapestry

The other day my son asked me this question, “Mom, how do I know if I’m living my life the right way? How do I know what choices I should make? What if I choose the wrong path?” I said, “Think of your life like a tapestry that you are weaving. You are given threads… Read On

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Life on Purpose: Blare’s Story

Read Blare’s story of how she went from working 50 hours per week as a corporate drone to becoming a palm-reading librarian. At the age of 25 I found myself in a place where I was not happy. I was working non-stop in an office job that I hated. I no longer cared about what… Read On

Erin Recommends

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