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Life on Purpose
Erin Pavlina

How to Determine Why You Incarnated

One of the most frequently asked questions when I do readings for clients is “Why did I come here? What is my life purpose? Why did I incarnate?” People don’t come to Earth with a purpose, they come with an intention. To use an analogy, you decide to go to Disneyland with the intention of going on the Matterhorn or the Teacups, but when you arrive you may or may not decide to actually go on those rides, and that’s okay. But you do set some intentions before you incarnate. Your intention might be to bring peace to people who

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4 Signs You’re Living Your Life’s Purpose

Before you incarnated you made a conscious decision to come to Earth. No one sent you here against your will. You looked at the playground of humanity and said “Yes, it’s time. I want to go.” People come to Earth for many reasons. Some souls come here to experience physicality since they don’t experience it on the other side. Some people come to make an impact on the planet, to launch humanity in a new direction. Some people come to explore relationships and love. Some come to share time with another spirit whom they care about. There are many reasons

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Weaving Your Tapestry

The other day my son asked me this question, “Mom, how do I know if I’m living my life the right way? How do I know what choices I should make? What if I choose the wrong path?” I said, “Think of your life like a tapestry that you are weaving. You are given threads of various colors, and you are given a loom to weave your threads. But you are the one who decides what your tapestry will depict. You get to decide what colors to use, what story to weave into the tapestry, and when to add other

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Life on Purpose: Blare’s Story

Read Blare’s story of how she went from working 50 hours per week as a corporate drone to becoming a palm-reading librarian. At the age of 25 I found myself in a place where I was not happy. I was working non-stop in an office job that I hated. I no longer cared about what I did, and honestly did not agree with the ethics of the company I worked for. I got the job directly after college, and worked hard endlessly, even though each day I found myself a little more depressed. I also felt like I was completely

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