4 Reasons You Can’t Manifest What You Desire

I was doing a reading for a client recently who was confused as to why he was able to manifest one thing he desired very quickly but was having trouble manifesting other things he desired equally as much. His guides explained why some things take longer than others to manifest, and I think it’s good… Read On

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How do Spirit Guides Help You When You’re Blocked?

“What do guides do when you really want something but are unconsciously blocking its manifestation? How would they go about helping you get unstuck, when you aren’t even aware you’re stuck?” – Bri As we tool along in life, we make choices that lead to consequences. We take actions that we think will take us… Read On

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Can we use the Law of Attraction to go against our spirit guides wishes?

“Can I go after a goal using the Law of Attraction even if I’m trying to manifest something my guides don’t want me to have? For example, what if I want to date a certain person and I attract them into my life, but my spirit guides don’t think he is a good match for… Read On

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