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Law of Attraction
Erin Pavlina

4 Reasons You Can’t Manifest What You Desire

I was doing a reading for a client recently who was confused as to why he was able to manifest one thing he desired very quickly but was having trouble manifesting other things he desired equally as much. His guides explained why some things take longer than others to manifest, and I think it’s good information to share with everyone so let’s go over the 4 reasons you have not yet manifested what you want. You Don’t Really Desire ItSometimes we say we want something but we really don’t. For example, I had a client who told me he really

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Can we use the Law of Attraction to go against our spirit guides wishes?

“Can I go after a goal using the Law of Attraction even if I’m trying to manifest something my guides don’t want me to have? For example, what if I want to date a certain person and I attract them into my life, but my spirit guides don’t think he is a good match for me? Will they block my attempts to manifest him?” – Ashley This is a great question. Can we manifest something our spirit guides don’t want us to have? Can we have something that our spirit guides feel is not good for us? Would spirit guides

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