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Psychic Abilities are Not Gifts

I hear it all the time from the readers of my blog and my clients: “Wow, Erin, you have a tremendous gift.” They are referring to my psychic abilities. It’s a nice thought, and I know they are complimenting me, but I don’t consider my psychic abilities to be a gift and I’ll tell you why. Every person is born with the ability to be psychic. Just as every person is born with a body that contains muscles, albeit undeveloped muscles, every person is born with psychic muscles. I have been working out my intuition since I was 4 years

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Can a medium speak to a person in a coma?

One day I was doing a reading for a client whose father was in a coma. He wanted to know if he should take his father off life support or if his father was going to wake up. When I tuned in to get the answer, I was expecting to connect with my client’s spirit guides or the spirit guides of the father in the coma. But that’s not what happened. I made direct contact with the father. The connection I made was exactly the same kind of connection I make with people who are already deceased. In other words,

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Are You Going to Tell Me Something Bad?

A lot of people write to me with a variation on this question: “I’d really like to get a psychic reading from you, but I’m so afraid you’re going to tell me something I don’t want to hear, or you’re going to tell me about something bad that’s going to happen to me. Is there any way you can just tell me the good stuff?” This is a great question and one that I’ve received countless times. Here’s the deal… When I became a professional intuitive I made a deal with the other side that I would pass along what

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