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Did Spirit Guides Save Lives on September 11th?

How many people who worked in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 escaped certain death simply by being late to work? Were they simply late? Or were their spirit guides orchestrating their rescue?

Can spirit guides interfere to such an extent that they can save lives? If so, why wasn’t everyone saved? Did saving people violate their free will?

Here is what I believe happened that day from the perspective of the other side.

This event was no accident. It’s not like, say, a car accident where someone was texting and ran into another car because someone wasn’t paying attention. In the case of an accident, a guide has precious little time to send a warning. Sometimes you get just enough of a nudge to avoid an accident, but guides can’t easily prevent an accident that they don’t know is coming.

But the attack on 9/11 was an orchestrated, planned, intentional event. That means that spirit guides knew and were aware of what was potentially coming. They would have known the intentions of the perpetrators, so they would have sprung into action. I can almost imagine a Spirit Guide Battalion Chief gathering his fellow guides and saying, “Look this is going to happen and we need to save as many people as possible, but we can’t save everyone. If your charge isn’t involved in the attack, help those with charges who are. There’s little time, so get moving, and work together.”

Spirit guides can nudge, urge, maneuver and manipulate situations to cause different outcomes than would otherwise be had with no intervention. So I believe thousands of spirit guides got to work to try to save as many people as they could by making them late to work. How would they do this? Alarm clocks wouldn’t go off on time. Subway doors would slam in someone’s face so they have to wait for another. People would get sudden unusual urges to go out late the night before and be too tired to get up in the morning. Someone’s kid would hurt their ankle and need to go to the doctor. Another person may have run into an old friend while walking in to work and stopped for a chat. The line at Starbucks could have been even longer that morning. It could be anything. The guides would have done whatever they could to cause their charge to be anywhere but in his workplace on time. They have the capability of putting ideas in your head, or in the heads of other people who could interfere with your plans.

How about the ones that went to work anyway and got there on time? Were they fated to die? Did their guides just leave them to their own devices?

I don’t believe anyone was fated or meant to die. The terrorists premeditated their attack, which means they intended to sever the thread and cut short the lives of thousands of people. Some of those innocent people may have received an intuitive feeling but ignored it. Some may have used logic to override their intuition. Still others may have received an intuition not to go to work or to be late, but feared being fired so pushed themselves to make it to work on time. We can’t really ask any of them now.

Once the attack happened, I’m sure there were spirit guides trying to get help and rescue to their charges. And I’m sure there were some people there who on a soul level (not a conscious one) agreed to die in order to help others. Those are the heroes we’ve read about – the ones who stayed behind to get people out, and the rescuers and first responders who went in to risk their lives to help others.

These kinds of premeditated tragedies are not orchestrated by anyone on the other side, however they do provide opportunities for spiritual growth, individually and as a group. We saw people come together to help strangers. We saw compassion, unity, and teamwork. We saw connection and love. Everyone affected by the events of September 11, 2001 are now tied together. We’ve been given a mission; to remember that we are all connected, to show compassion, to work together as a team, and to love each other, not hate. So that they did not die in vain, let us remember this lesson … for the price we paid was high indeed.

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