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Keep an Open Mind

In my article, 11 Spiritual Truths You May Want to Remember, I listed 11 short spiritual truths. It received a very positive reaction, but some people wanted a little more information about what I meant. So I’m going to take each spiritual truth I listed and expand on it, each in its own article over the next 11 weeks.

Spiritual Truth #3: Open your mind to other possibilities. Once you decide what is, you forever close the door on what may be. Stay open minded. New truths are just beyond the closed door.

We hear all the time how an open mind is better than a closed mind, right? Seems like a no brainer. Yet how often do we see people who are so fixed on a concept that they can’t change their mind when new evidence is presented to them that is in direct opposition to their original beliefs?

As you go through life, you’re going to be bombarded with information. It starts when we’re babies. We’re initially raised to believe whatever our caregivers tell us is true. Then we go out into the world and either find evidence of its truth, or we begin to see the world differently and adopt different view points.

The thing is… truth is a matter of perspective. What is true for one person may not be true for another. One person may believe they are communicating with deceased loved ones on the other side, while another may think that’s impossible.

But everyone on the planet is experiencing reality from their own perspective, and what may seem completely normal in one person’s reality may seem completely impossible in another’s.

When you keep an open mind, you open the door to a wonderful world of possibilities.

Early in my career as an intuitive, I did a reading for a young man who was studying physics in college. He got a reading with me believing it would be nonsense, but was pleasantly surprised when he got a lot of validation out of the reading and found I knew things about him that I couldn’t possibly have known in advance.

He was so moved by his experience that he began posting on websites about how great I was and about how psychic abilities really do exist. But he got slammed, hard, by the skeptics on the forums he was posting on. They convinced him that I must have hired a private detective and researched his life before the reading. Others told him I must have been using cold reading techniques to make general statements about his life. And still others claimed I hypnotized him over the phone.

After standing alone against these forum dwellers, he began to discount his own experience and eventually decided I must have used some kind of mental trick to get into his mind. So then he started denouncing me all over the place because he felt duped and bamboozled.

It was a frustrating thing for me to watch but there was nothing I could do about it.

After a time, this same guy approached me and asked me to prove I had psychic abilities. I told him that no matter what I did or how great a reading I gave him, if he didn’t believe it was possible to be psychic then he would find some explanation to explain away all the validation he got.

We had an interesting discussion about it and I finally told him the only way to know for sure that psychic abilities are real is to learn how to use them yourself and read for complete strangers. In his scientific mind, he agreed that was the only way he would ever believe in psychics. After all, how can you discount your own abilities and your own experiences? Especially when you know you’re not using any tricks.

So I helped him learn how to tune in to his guides and his intuition and sent him a bunch of resources and teachers he could learn more from. Two years later this man became a professional intuitive. He had gone to the trouble to study and learn about psychic abilities, and once he was reading for complete strangers he finally understood how it was possible.

He sent me a lovely note apologizing for ever doubting me, and apologizing for slamming me on public forums. He told me that if he hadn’t learned how to do it himself, he never would have believed it was possible.

So ask yourself what you believe is possible or impossible, and ask yourself if you know for sure. Study, learn, open your mind to new possibilities. You never know what you’ll find when you take the time to explore and study a new path.

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