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Intuitive Reading Case Study: Kim Flores

Readers have requested hearing about some of the readings I’ve done over the years. Rather than share intimate details of a client’s reading, I’ve opened the blog up to those who wish to submit their own story. My goal with these is to help you see what can happen when you trust your guides and go with the flow. Enjoy!

Here is Kim’s Story:

Time flies by when you are busy and I was full-tilt 24/7. When I had decided to book a reading with Erin on the phone, I had several things going on in my life with two young children, shifting careers, and having many paths to consider. When it came to having a reading with an intuitive counselor, I was very particular and didn’t take choosing someone to work with lightly. It’s your energy and your life. It’s big. I had been following Erin and her blog as well as her videos for some time. In fact, the first time I saw her and read her words, I felt an instant kinship.

Back in December 2012, I had a reading with Erin, and it wasn’t even three minutes in and she was “spot on” about my spirit, my challenges, and was also extremely insightful and compassionate. As another sensitive, I completely trusted her and her counseling. She helped me focus on what felt right on my path. Even though I had been reading others since 2001, there was a resistance (fear) about jumping into the unknown of the Internet. I asked my guides if I needed to create two blogs – one about writing and another for counseling.

Because of her and the advice from my guides, I focused my energies and intention in the direction of service by helping others on their path. I created my counseling website instead of creating two different sites. My guides also informed me I would have to diligently work my plans and it would take more than 24 months, but to enjoy the process along the way. This was really powerful for me because it was moving ahead in faith while also letting some things go. Many times people come for counseling to find out what information they can learn about what they can get. But sometimes the best information is to know what paths or situations to not spend or waste too much life energy on. My guides also reminded me to be patient and let things unfold with soft control.

My reading with Erin and coming to this decision has been one of the best decisions in my life. It gave me the gift of a surge of energy, solid focus, and instant peace at the same time.

With that, I am looking forward to working with Erin more in 2015 to continue to be of service to all. I am forever grateful for the reading and her dedication to helping all of us on our paths. If you are considering a reading with Erin, then listen to your intuition and do it. Then get ready to jump and then…

Kim Flores is a teacher, speaker, published author and intuitive counselor. Kim’s passion for helping others can be expressed in Washington Carver’s statement of “Simply Service”. Her sole purpose is to help you connect with love, purpose, and service to experience abundance in happiness in your lifetime now. 

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