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Strong Souls

Sometimes I have dreams that I’m doing readings for people. When I have these kinds of dreams, I can actually feel myself tuning in and getting guidance for that person. When I wake up I often wonder if the person in my dream was a real person or just a figment of my subconscious mind.

Recently I had such a dream. It was a Sunday night. In the dream, I was reading for a woman, and her yet-to-be-born child was communicating about how strongly she wanted to be this woman’s daughter. She had an urgency about her that was almost overwhelming. She said “I’m coming and I’m a girl.”

There were a few other parts to the dream reading, but the main purpose, I felt, was for this soul to express how important it was that she incarnate and that this woman be her mother.

I woke up wondering if the dream person was real, and then sort of frustrated that I would probably never find this woman to convey this information to her. She was not someone I recognized and again, I didn’t know if she even existed.

Fast forward two days to Tuesday as I prepared to do some phone readings. When I read for people I have them send me their photo and the questions they want answered, ahead of time, so I can tune in before the reading, get answers, and we can spend our time on the phone discussing those answers. It’s very efficient.

So imagine my shock when one of the women I was reading for was the woman in my dream. I had to sit there for a moment and just process that. This woman’s questions revolved around whether or not to have another child, so in that moment everything clicked.

For a spirit to get my attention when I’m not doing readings is extremely rare. A spirit has to be extremely strong and extremely skilled to push their way into my mind like that. And this little girl spirit was strong!

During the reading when I reconnected with this soul, she expressed to me that her intention for this incarnation involved some pretty heavy-duty, world-changing plans. Timing was important to her, and having this specific woman be her mother was also very important for her.

My client understood and heard the message loud and clear. I felt grateful that I was able to convey this information to my client and speak on behalf of this incoming soul.

For souls to reach a living person is difficult. Usually it’s a soul that is recently departed and they make contact with their living loved ones.

So for a soul who is yet-to-be-incarnated to be able to reach a medium when that medium is not even tuning in and doesn’t even know the future client, indicates the strength of that soul.

I hope she makes it, and I hope she fulfills her life intention. We’ll have to see what happens.

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