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Do We Have Contracts with the Other Side?

You’ll hear a lot of new age folks talk about your “contract” with the other side. They are referring to deals you may have made before you incarnated.

For example, perhaps you made a contract with a certain other soul to incarnate together and become romantically involved.

Or perhaps there’s a contract you made with a soul to be your child later on.

Maybe the contract you made was to go into a certain career field like medicine, sports, or art.

Could you have made a contract to experience something painful to pay off karma you caused another soul in another life?

I don’t believe in contracts, at least not in the way a lot of new age people think of them.

I believe you have set some intentions before incarnating, but those are just intentions, not iron-clad contracts, and there are no consequences if you fail to manifest your intention. Once you incarnate on Earth you forget why you came here. How fair is it to be held to some sort of contract you aren’t even aware of?

Instead I think of it like planning a vacation. Let’s say you plan to take a week to visit Washington, D.C. You make a list of all the things you want to see: The White House, The Mint, the FBI Building, Arlington Cemetery, the Lincoln Memorial, the Smithsonian Museums, and so forth.

But when you actually arrive in the city your plans might change. Perhaps you become so enamored with the Air and Space museum that you decide to spend two days there so you don’t have time to see Arlington Cemetery. Or perhaps when you arrive someone at your hotel tells you about a day trip to Williamsburg, VA and you cancel your plans to see the White House in favor of going to Colonial Williamsburg instead.

That doesn’t mean you broke a contract. It means that once you were actually on scene, you made choices that appealed to you. You have violated no covenant. We have free will.

This goes for romantic partners too. Perhaps you intended to meet up with a certain soul and form a love connection, but that may or may not happen.

Same for a soul that intended to incarnate as your child; if you change your mind about having children no harm done.

On Earth you are allowed to choose your own path. You are not locked into activities that don’t appeal to you. Make your choices based on what you desire. And don’t worry about any sort of contract.

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