Crossing Over with Cognitive Impairment

A reader asked me this question recently, “If you have dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease when you die, what does it feel like when you get to the other side?  Are you still impaired or is it like waking up from a dream?”

If you are suffering from mental or cognitive impairment while you are in your physical body, do not worry about carrying that over into the afterlife.  You are completely whole on the other side.  

The body can suffer with many afflictions while it is alive including physical, emotional, or cognitive maladies, but the soul is always intact even if it’s at the mercy of its physical body.

So when you cross over, any ailments you had of any kind are left in the physical and your soul is vibrant, healthy, and clear.

To go back to my analogy that we are like actors in a movie, if a movie character is suffering from dementia, the actor isn’t, right?  He’s just playing a character that has dementia.  So when the director calls “cut” the actor is totally fine.

You will be fine too when you cross over.  

If you have loved ones who died with physical or cognitive impairments, rest assured they are intact and well on the other side.  In fact, when I’m doing a mediumship reading, one thing that comes through often is someone reassuring their living loved ones that they are no longer suffering in any way. 

It’s challenging to be in the physical, especially if your body or mind are impaired in some way, but your soul is always alright here and on the other side.

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