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Is There a Master Plan for Each of Us?

On my “Ask me Anything” form, Sue asked me, “Is there a master plan for each human?”

Here is how I see things rolling on the other side.

Source creates a soul and imbues it with consciousness.

That soul then has a few options. 

  • It can hang out in the ether being part of the song that weaves energy together
  • Take a physical incarnation in a physical body
  • Become a spirit guide for someone who decides to incarnate
  • Work with souls who are traumatized or need healing after their life here

And probably a host of other things I’m not aware of.

If a soul decides to take a physical incarnation, it will set a life intention for itself.  For example it might want to help humanity find peace, or it might want to travel the world, or make a contribution to science, or find its soul friends who have also incarnated.

In that sense, there’s sort of a master intention for your life, but I wouldn’t say it’s a master plan. 

There is no negative consequence for deciding to alter your intended path.  If you originally intended to make a contribution to medicine but when you get here you just don’t feel like it, you can change your life intention to something else.  It happens all the time.

So I guess the master plan is really to make free will, conscious decisions about the experiences you want to have when you are soul-born.  No more, no less. And when you’re done experiencing everything you want to experience, you merge back with Source.

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