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Is There in Truth No Beauty?

In Truth No Beauty

A reader sent me this question: “Why is there so much chaos everywhere in the whole world? Will there ever be anything beautiful?”

I’m sure a lot of you reading this article already know what I’m going to say. 

Whatever you focus on expands in your consciousness.    

Whatever you look for, you shall find.

If you expect that the world is chaotic, you’re going to see examples of that everywhere you look.

And if you think the world is beautiful, you will see examples of that as well.

What I’m going to suggest you do is define for yourself what a beautiful world looks like to you.  Is it physical beauty?  Is it kindness and compassion, like people helping others?  Is it close connections with people you love and who you love you back unconditionally? Is it mountain tops and springs?

Once you have your list in mind (write it down so you don’t forget!) I want you to seek these things.  Look for them in your life, look for them in the lives of others, look for them in the stories people tell, and the experiences people are having.

Draw that beauty into your own life until that’s what you see most of the time.

Start telling yourself a new story.  “The world is beautiful, people’s souls are beautiful, the world is in order.”

It can take some time and practice to start seeing the good, but it’s worth the journey.  Reinforce to yourself every day that the world has incredible beauty, and that is what you will begin to see.

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