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Take the Shot

It had been a close game through every quarter. They’d score a basket, we’d score a basket. They’d make two free throws, we’d make two free throws. We were neck and neck throughout the entire game. Neither team was willing to give ground. I was 14, playing basketball in a summer league. This was a mixed gender league so my sister and I were playing with the big boys. My dad signed us up for the league every summer because he knew if we could play with the boys then it would toughen us up for the Fall when we

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Believe It and Achieve It

My twin sister and I started playing basketball when we were 10 years old. My father was elated as basketball was his favorite sport. He taught us all the basic skills and worked with us every weekend at the gym to improve our game, then he signed us up for a local community basketball league where we got our first taste of teamwork, sports, and competition. We were so into playing basketball that during the summer when the community league was on hiatus, he signed us up for the Jewish summer league where we had to be on teams with

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