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What if a deceased relative won’t communicate?

Question: Whenever I get a reading with a medium, my grandfather always comes through but my own father never does. What does this mean? Does he not want to talk to me? Is he somewhere where he can’t talk to me? Is there any way to get him to communicate with me? – Carol Answer: It can be super frustrating to desire to connect with a specific deceased relative and they never seem to show up to the party. I recall reading for a gal and her dad was coming through really strongly. He told me his name, gave her

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What Happens After the Afterlife?

I’ve discussed in many blog entries what happens when you die, how you cross over, have your life review, and are greeted by family and other loved ones.  But then what?  What happens next?  After you transition to your new (after)life, what do you do all day?  Sit around on clouds?  Watch loved ones watch television?  Play with cute little cherubs?  Is it boring or exciting?  Are there virgins?  Do you get to play make believe in your own little universe?  Is it like in that movie, Defending Your Life, where you get to eat pasta all day and never

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