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How To Be Happy When Your Life Really Sucks

After I wrote my last article What We Wish For which was all about choosing to be happy, someone asked me a great question. She wanted to know how to be happy when your current life situation wasn’t what you wanted it to be. The answer is, it’s all about perspective and transition. You’ll have to agree with me that some people’s lives suck more than others right? Like right now someone is being murdered and would gladly choose your life over theirs. Right now someone is stepping into a jail cell to serve a life sentence and would kill

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The Relationship Between Happiness and Beliefs

Do your beliefs make you happy?  Do you currently have beliefs that are leading to a happy life?  Do you wake up every morning happy and grateful for the life you have? Right now you carry a set of beliefs inside you.  Are those beliefs serving your highest good?  Are those beliefs making you happy?  If the answer is no, listen up, because you’re doing yourself a huge disservice and the result is unhappiness.  How long do you want to be unhappy? Happiness isn’t about what you have or what you’re doing.  Happiness is a state of being that is

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