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Freedom: The biggest benefit to running your own business

In my previous article, The Realities of Running Your Own Business: Do you have what it takes?, I painted a picture designed to show you that it’s not all roses when you run your own business. I got a lot of great feedback from business owners who liked the article because it showed that the realities are far different than what people expect, especially people who work for someone else. Many employees think running their own business is a piece of cake, but as I outlined in that article, all you’re doing is trading one set of challenges for another.

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The Realities of Running Your Own Business: Do you have what it takes?

Are you one of the people thinking about ditching the corporate cubicle to go work for yourself?  The promise of freedom sure is enticing.  No more having to be on someone else’s schedule.  No more doing what you’re told.  No more begging for time off or an increase in salary.  Running your own business is empowering, and the income potential is unlimited.  Work when you feel like it, take 2 hour lunches, do what you want – not what someone else wants.  Working on your own goals, working for yourself, it’s the ultimate dream.  Right?  Or is it? What is it really

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