Can a dead person come to you in a dream and tell you how they died?

Question: What does it mean when you dream of a close relative telling you what really happened to him the day he passed away? – Patco Answer: If a deceased person is coming to you in your dream and showing you what really happened to them the day they passed away you should pay careful… Read On

Can I enter a friend’s dream to help him?

Question: I need advice on dreaming and going into my friend’s dreams. I’m advanced in lucid dreaming but my friend has nightmares every night. I’m just trying to help him, but every time I’m in his dream he’s running from his past. How can I get in there and help him? – Victor Answer: Dream… Read On

What do the strange lights in my room at night mean?

Question: What does it mean when you see strange lights or symbols in your room after a dream? Is that paranormal or spiritual or just my imagination? – Karise Answer: If I had a dime for every strange symbol I saw on my walls, I’d have … a dollar. I’ve had many experiences where I’ve… Read On

Did my deceased friend come to visit me in my dream or not?

Question: I dreamed about my boyfriend’s deceased brother the other night. It felt so real. How can I tell if he was really there or if it was just a dream? – Emily Answer: Sometimes a dream is just a dream and sometimes dreaming of a deceased loved one is actual communication. There are three… Read On

Podcast: What I Remember About the Ether

Recently my friend Bron Johnson was visiting me. Whenever he stops in for a visit we end up having intense discussions about all kinds of subject matter. Often we jokingly say we should record one of our conversations just in case people want to “listen in” to what we talk about. So, for the heck… Read On