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Can you lose your guides?

Question: I came across an article about spirit guides, which says that some people have negative spirit guides, who misguide them, and there are some people who don’t have any spirit guides at all (they “lost” them or “dismissed” them). Is that true?

Answer:  I believe we all start out with guides who are well suited to our plans and goals.  Over time, based on decisions you make and the paths you choose, new guides come in and old guides go out.

If you align yourself with darkness, you will attract guides who are more aligned with that as well.  I wouldn’t say they are positive or negative though.  That implies a judgment.  If you decide you want to go through life deceiving people or hurting people, you might attract guides who are more suited to helping you make that happen.  If and when you decide to alter your alignment, those guides will leave and new guides will come in. 

I don’t believe guides misguide you.  But it’s possible and perhaps probable that what at first appears to be poor guidance turns out to be quite beneficial for you in the long run.  Do our parents misguide us?  Do people in authority misguide us?  Or are they simply expressing their truth and/or hoping to help you avoid pitfalls they know are coming? 

You can dismiss a guide.  That’s true.  You can fire your guides and ask for new ones.  I don’t recommend you do that unless you are really clear about what you want and you’ve raised your vibration to a point where you know what’s best for you.  Imagine a 3 year old firing his parents because they won’t let him stay up all night.  Don’t do it out of spite or childishness.

You can’t really lose a guide.  You can disconnect yourself from them, but I’ve never encountered a guide who said, “I’ve had it with this guy.  I’m outta here.”  If you lose your guides it’s because you walked away from them.

Now I would say there are negative influences out there, but I wouldn’t call them guides.  If you choose to listen to them and they are leading you down a dark path, you are still responsible for all your choices.

In summary, everyone has guides when they incarnate.  Guides come in and out of your life based on what path you’re walking.  Some guides are with you your entire life and some flit in and out and help you on a more project-like basis.  There are no negative guides, per se, but you can attract the “help” and assistance of those aligned with fear if you so choose. 

In the meantime, be kind to your guides.  Send them love and flowers.  They love you and are there to help you.  Show some gratitude once in a while. 🙂

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