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How to Use the Power of Expectation to Change Your Life

In my blog article last week, My Dinner with Einstein, I had a dream where Einstein imparted to me that expectation is a power that can affect the probability of outcomes. He also said we can develop the ability to use the power the expectation to our benefit by applying it consciously to situations in our lives.

Since the article posted, I’ve had numerous emails from readers with questions about how to use expectation to create desired outcomes. So I wanted to address as much as I could about this important concept.

Let’s start by discussing the difference between expectation and other energies like want, desire, and hope.

What does desire feel like energetically? When you desire something you are sending out a beacon to the universe that says “I want this, but I don’t currently have it” because if you had it you would no longer need to desire it right? So to get the reality you want, you can’t just desire it, because desire contains inside of it the frequency of “I don’t yet have this. This is not in my reality.” And the universe responds with more of the same. You will continue to desire it but not have it.

You must transmute the energy of want, desire, and hope into the energy of expectation, because then the universe thinks to itself, “Oh, she has claimed this as her reality, I will send it to her at once.”

To help you see the difference I want you to answer this question. Do you expect the sun will still be there tomorrow morning? Or do you hope it will?

You expect the sun will rise because you have wired that into your reality. “Of course the sun will be there tomorrow.” You don’t even give it a second thought do you? You don’t spend your day hoping and wishing the sun will still be viable tomorrow. You expect it. It’s completely normal for the sun to be there.

What else is normal in your life that you give no second thought to? For some people it’s a certain level of income. For others it’s the love of your family. It could be something physical like the ability to lift 100 pounds easily. Think about what’s normal in your life. What’s so normal and so expected that you don’t have to wonder, hope or pray that it will be there tomorrow?

Now how does the energy of those things differ from the energy of the things you don’t yet have but desire?

Once you can see and feel the difference between the energy of “what I want” versus “what I expect” you will see that they are very different energies.

So the trick to creating the reality you desire is to identify the things you want and then transmute that energy into things you expect.

I had a guy write to me many years ago. He said “I told the universe to bring me 82 million dollars next year but it didn’t. The Law of Attraction doesn’t work.” I said, “How much are you earning right now?” He said, “$2,000 a month.” I said “Did you expect to be able to earn 82 million dollars all of a sudden?” He said, “Well, no, of course not, but I thought with the Law of Attraction you were just supposed to wish for something and it would happen.”

It can’t happen if you don’t have the expectation that it could happen, because even if you desire it with your whole being, if there is some part of you that doesn’t really think it’s likely to happen, you will cancel out your order with the universe. You will, in essence, expect to fail.

Desire is important because it tells you what you want to create. But desire alone is not enough to create your reality. You must infuse your desire with expectation.

So do this:

1. Determine something in your life that is very normal and very expected. Feel the vibration of what that feels like. “It’s done. It’s clicked into place. It’s not something I ever worry about or think about. It just is. All the time.” This is your “of course” energy. “Of course I make $20k a month. That’s easy.” “Of course I can lift 100 pounds, that’s a no brainer.” “Of course I love my job, I can’t wait to get to it every day.” Feel that.

2. Identify a desire, something you want to create in your life. Now instead of saying “I want this,” start saying, “Of course I have this. It’s not even exciting because it just is, every day, all the time.”

3. Carry this energy of expectation with you as your foray out into the world and manifest the desire. Start speaking in the language you would use if you already had this. “In 2 years I will be done with medical school and I will be a doctor” as opposed to “Yeah I’m still in school, it’s really hard, but hopefully I’ll make it to the end and become a doctor.” Or another example, “I’m going to XYZ company tomorrow to let them know I will be their new chemist,” as opposed to, “I have a job interview with XYZ and I’m hoping they will hire me.”

The energy of your expectation will increase your probability of getting what you desire.

Now let’s talk about the energy of expectation on the other side of the equation. If what you desire involves other people, then you need to know that they carry expectations inside of them as well. And their frequency of expectation may be stronger than yours.

For example, what happens if you and your spouse are fighting and considering divorce. You may go into a conversation with this expectation, “We can work this out. Our love is powerful and we will find a way through this darkness.” But your spouse is of the frequency, “I’m done. I’ve tolerated the abuse long enough and won’t stand for it any longer.”

In this case your spouse has the stronger expectation because they are making a decision for themselves that does not require the acquiescence of their spouse.

Or take a job interview. You go in there expecting to get the job, but the person interviewing you already expects to hire someone with 10 years of experience and you show up with 2 years of experience. Your expectations will clash, and the person doing the hiring, who is in the position of power, will get what he expects. But if that person is a little wishy washy on the subject and you go in there and say “My 2 years of experience may be less than what you think you desire but I bring these other qualities to the table that I bet no other candidate will bring you.”

You can play around with the energies. You can use them to influence the probable outcome, but there will be times when you run into a block because the combination of your expectation plus the probable outcome will simply be outmatched by the other side of the equation and its expectation and probable outcome.

But you don’t give up when that happens. You keep going with the same high level of expectation because eventually your combination of expectation plus probable outcome will outweigh the other side of the equation.

Use the power of expectation on every aspect of your life where you want to make changes. Practice identifying and holding the vibration of expectation for the things in your life you currently take for granted.

And remember, you must believe it is actually possible to obtain what you desire, otherwise if you try to expect it you will fall short because there will be a part of you that is also holding on to the frequency of “maybe this won’t happen,” and that will cancel out your expectation energy.

To use expectation to change your life you must hold the frequency of what you desire as completely normal. It’s so normal you don’t even have to think about it. “Of course I can lift this weight. Of course I will earn $20k this month. Of course I’m going to brush my teeth tomorrow.” No brainers.

Do this with every aspect of your life where you want to see change and watch what happens.

If you’re not getting what you want, ask yourself if what you have is a hope or an actual expectation. That can make all the difference.

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