Being Positive Isn’t Strong Enough to Get You to Your Goals

Recently I was doing a video consult with a client and she said, “Erin, I have been trying to create my perfect life for years. I think positively, I read personal development books, I do affirmations, I keep a journal, I talk about how great my life is going to be, I support other people in their goals, and I meditate daily. I feel like I’m a vibrational match for my desires, yet nothing is coming to me. Am I just not meant to have the life I desire? What more can I do?”

When we unpacked her situation, I could see that she did indeed spend time putting herself in a high vibration and she was definitely a positive thinker. She showed up to life supportive of others, with a positive attitude, and a bright shiny light emanating from her soul.

The problem was that she was taking no action to actually achieve any of her goals.

I said, “Tell me about one of your goals, something you want to achieve or manifest into your life.”

She said, “Gosh there are so many things I want. I want to be a writer, and I want to work for a non-profit organization, and I want to travel, and I want to help people who are hungry. I want to raise compassionate children. I want to make a difference in the world.”

Then I asked, “What actions are you taking to make those dreams come true?”

She said, “Well, like I said, I’m journaling, I’ve made a vision board, I imagine these goals already being achieved. Isn’t that what the Law of Attraction is about?”

So I said, “What you’re doing is filling your gas tank with fuel, but you’re not actually getting into the car and driving it. The car is ready to go, but it’s just sitting there in park. You have to drive the car to your destination.”

She said, “How?”

I said, “Well you mentioned wanting to help people who are hungry. Have you ever volunteered your time in a soup kitchen, or packed lunches for people at a food charity, or dropped off food at a food pantry?”

She said, “Um, no. But I mean I want to help people on a global level and that all just seems like a band-aid.”

I said, “If you start small and locally that could turn into something much bigger. But you have to start somewhere as it creates momentum.”

She said, “Okay, I guess I can see that.”

Then I said, “You want to be a writer. Do you own a computer?”

She said, “Yes, of course.”

I said, “Can you open a document, outline a book, or write a short story, or write an article perhaps about ways you can think globally but act locally?”

“I see where you’re going with this. I don’t know how to be a writer though,” she said.

I said, “There are classes you can take, you can join a writer’s group and share your work and get some mentoring, you can read books or attend seminars on how to organize and outline a book and then write one.”

She seemed a little crestfallen and said, “Yeah, I see what you mean. I really haven’t actually done anything to achieve any of my goals. I’ve just been thinking about them.”

I said, “You want to write, you want to travel, and help people who are hungry. You want to work for a non-profit organization. Can you see a path where you are doing all of those at the same time? Perhaps there’s a global charity that brings sustainable farming to a depressed community in a third-world country. Can you imagine being part of such an organization, traveling to that destination, helping them set up the sustainable farming and then writing about your experience and sharing it with the world?”

Her mouth dropped open. “Wow. That never even occurred to me to put my goals all together.”

I said, “And after you’ve been doing that for a while I could see you getting married, having kids, and teaching them about the work you do. Don’t you think they would grow up seeing compassion in the world and adopting that mindset too?”

“Erin! Wow! I can’t believe I never thought of this. You’re right. That path seems so clear to me.”

I said, “Fantastic. Now what are you going to do about it?”

She said, “Well I’m not going to journal about it and I’m not going to meditate. I’m going to find that charity, apply to work for them or just volunteer, and I’m going to make this happen no matter what.”

“Now you’ve got it! There’s nothing wrong with having a positive attitude. Afterall, the car can’t run without fuel in the tank. But there comes a point where you have to take massive action to achieve your goals. And if you run into obstacles, you climb over them and keep going. Don’t let anything stop you.”

When we ended our session she was very excited. I could see the light in her eyes; she had had a revelation.

Are you taking action on your goals or just thinking about how great it will feel to achieve them? Consider actions you might take now that will lead to obtaining your desires. You’ve got this!

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