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Can Deceased Loved Ones Send You Gifts or Miracles?

Periodically people tell me that they are so thankful to their deceased (mother, father, uncle, sister, cousin) for sending them (money, a new job, a baby, good health, a great partner).

But is that what’s happening? Can deceased loved ones send you such blessings from the other side?

And if they can send blessings, why isn’t everyone rich, healthy, and in their dream relationship? If you are not gifted with such blessings does it mean you angered your ancestors? Is there an appeals process? Does there need to be an altar or a sacrifice? What’s the going rate to warrant a lottery win?

It would be nice to think our loved ones on the other side are going to some spiritual and ordering gifts for us to receive, but that’s not what’s happening.

In fact, no one on the other side can send you blessings, miracles or gifts. Likewise, they can’t send you curses, accidents or bad luck. The other side just isn’t in the business of wish or curse fulfillment. They are in the business of loving you and letting you manifest the life you desire.

I know some of you are protesting right now.

“But Erin, when my baby got sick, God made him better because I prayed and prayed.” No, Source did not interfere. Your baby got better with time or with medical aid.

“But Erin, I thought you said my spirit guides are going to help me get a great job!” No, your spirit guides are going to tell you what actions you need to take, or what limiting beliefs you need to change, so that you can get the job of your dreams.

“But Erin, I’m a good person and bad things keep happening to me. Surely I have angered someone on the other side who does not think I’m worthy of having a good life.” No, bad things happen because sometimes crap happens. The lion’s best day is the antelope’s worst.

Life is not pre-determined, and sometimes you don’t take the actions you need to take to get what you desire, and sometimes someone else is simply more qualified, or better positioned, or more relentless in their pursuit of the same goal.

“But Erin, a psychic told me I’m cursed and I need to appease my ancestors by giving the psychic $20,000 to remove a familial curse.” Don’t even get me started. Those people are just con artists. Avoid them.

Your loved ones on the other side absolutely care about you and your well-being, but there is a covenant that occurs when you are incarnated and that’s a no-direct-interference clause. They cannot send you anything but advice, encouragement, and love.

If you don’t have what you want in life, you must figure out how to get it within the confines of the physical laws of matter.

But what about the Law of Attraction? Don’t you just wish for something and it appears?

The Law of Attraction is about being a vibrational match for your desires, which means, for example, if you want to lose weight, don’t eat 8,000 calories a day. And if you want a better job, maybe you’ll need to go to college, improve your job skills, or network inside your industry.

Having a positive attitude does help you become more resourceful in solving your problems.

So instead of asking or praying for your dearly departed to send you gifts, ask for insight, wisdom and advice. That they are freely able to give you. They can provide you a map but they can’t walk the trail for you.

Be empowered, self-sufficient, and resourceful and you will have a better life.

If you want advice from your guides on how to get the life you want, book a reading with me and we’ll go have a nice chat with them and get you sorted out.

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