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What do spirits do all day in the ether?

Question: What do spirits do all day? Do they eat, drink, sleep, play games, hang out with loved ones? -Katie Answer: On the other side there are no days, and we don’t have bodies, so definitely no eating, drinking, sleeping, or playing the harp. 😉 Spirits on the other side do many things. They do “hang out” with other spirits they know. They commune with each other, share information, ideas, and philosophy. Some spirits become spirit guides, so they actively work to help guide incarnated souls on their journeys. Some spirits continue their “studies” on the other side, going to

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Podcast: What I Remember About the Ether

Recently my friend Bron Johnson was visiting me. Whenever he stops in for a visit we end up having intense discussions about all kinds of subject matter. Often we jokingly say we should record one of our conversations just in case people want to “listen in” to what we talk about. So, for the heck of it, we recorded one of the conversations we had during his last visit. We felt it turned out to be quite informative so we added an introduction and a conclusion and edited out the pauses, and voila, now we have a podcast to share

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