How To Pre-Program a Dream

Wouldn’t it be great if at night you could dream anything you wanted?  What would you dream about?  Would you imagine yourself to be a superhero, patrolling the streets for crime?  Would you sleep with your favorite celebrity?  Would you practice a skill you want to get better at?  Only your imagination limits you.  So… Read On

The Big Picture and Your Piece to the Puzzle

Just woke from one of “those” dreams and had to share. My higher self came to me in a dream last night.  She handed me a box filled with puzzle pieces and told me to put all the pieces together.  So I got busy working on that.  The pieces were in the shape of North… Read On

Quick Answers to Quick Questions Part 4

It’s time for another installment of Quick Answers to Quick Questions.  Yesterday I asked my Twitter and Facebook followers for their questions and got quite a nice variety.  If you want to contribute to the next round of questions, be sure to send me a friend request on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.  Thank… Read On

Can real people appear in your dreams?

Question: When I see a person in a dream, how can I distinguish whether it’s really him (his subconscious, higher self or whatever) or a figment of my own imagination? Is there a reliable way? Answer:  Most of the characters in your dreams are going to be constructs of your own subconscious mind.  There will… Read On

How to Quiet Distracting Thoughts During Meditation

When you meditate do you find your mind wandering so much that you lose the meditative connection you’re trying to build?  Do your thoughts run something like this:  What should I make for dinner?  I wonder if Joey forgot his lunchbox.  Don’t forget to pay the electric bill today.  Oh where was I? Right, I… Read On