The Criss Angel Celebrity Seance Episode

Many people were unable to see the episode of Criss Angel that I appeared on in 2006.  Thanks to You Tube everyone can see it now.  This link will show you the first part of the episode, the first 8.5 minutes.  My segment with the Ghost Connection paranormal investigators comes in around 6.5 minutes.

Bear in mind that we filmed for 6 hours and the producers distilled our part down to 2 minutes, so obviously you are seeing a lot of things out of context.  I am the one wearing green whereas the paranormal investigators are all wearing black t-shirts. 

A&E owns all of the 6 hours of footage shot at the Amargosa Hotel and I was told that one day they may turn that footage into a one hour special just on the hotel.  I won’t be notified so it would be funny to turn on the tv one day and see the whole investigation on television.

Blog entries related to the filming of this episode are here:
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