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Where Peace and Plenty are Possible

Monday night I dreamed a vortex of swirling energy opened up in the sky and this Being came out of it. I went to talk to him and ask him what the vortex was all about. He told me, “If you enter that vortex it will transport you to a time when Earth is at peace, where people cooperate for survival instead of competing over resources, and the earth is in balance.” I said, “Awesome! I really want to see how we accomplish that. Sign me up. I want to go!” So I stepped through the vortex and when I

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A Good Cup of Soup

A couple of weeks ago I met a man who completely blew my mind. He was a male in his 70’s who had lost everything he owned in a fire just 3 hours earlier. Most of the time when I’m assisting victims of fire, they are scared, sad, anxious, and devastated. But not this man. I was immediately taken by his energy. He was upbeat and positive. As I began asking him questions, it came to light that he had an annual income of less than $10,000, he lived alone, and walked with a cane. I could also see that

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Is Evil Really Winning?

You hear it all the time. The world is going to hell in a handbasket. The news is all bad. The bad guys are winning. Where is the good in the world? Recession, war, poverty, disease, injustice, crime, global warming. We seem to be riddled with it like a plague infecting our entire planet. An alien ship passing overhead monitoring our news stations might just nuke us from space to put us out of our misery. But are we really in rough shape or do we just think we are? I think most of us are aware that bad news

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