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Interview Erin: Questions by Kelly Lynn

These interview questions were submitted by Kelly Lynn, a 26 year old working at a marketing firm in NY. Her grandmother used to take new age classes when she was younger which sparked her interest in the spiritual world.

How does one know that they are an energy healer and can anyone do it?

If you study hard enough and long enough you can really become anything you desire. While it’s true that some people may be more naturally inclined, and while it’s true that some people can more easily develop the skills, I believe anyone can become anything they truly desire.

There are many ways to be a healer. Some people heal with energy, others with words. You can heal someone physically but also emotionally, spiritually and mentally as well.

Is there a cosmos hierarchy / government?

People often speak in terms of hierarchies on the other side. Source or God would be “higher” than an ascended master, which would be higher than your average run of the mill spirit. But in the end we are all created from the same energy and infused with consciousness from the same Source. I would prefer to say that different beings focus on different things. One spirit might focus on being a guide to someone who has incarnated. Another might choose to help deceased people cross over. Another might choose to protect and guard our dimension from demonic energies.

Some energies have incarnated more often than others, but I wouldn’t say that makes them better or higher up in a hierarchy, more just a preference or matter of choice. Just like someone here on Earth might love to travel while another prefers to nest and never see the world.

Have you ever used any hallucinogens such as peyote or ayahuasca – for spiritual purposes? If so what was your experience like?

No I’ve never allowed any hallucinogen into my body and there’s a really important reason I haven’t. I won’t ever put myself in a situation where my vibration might be altered forcefully and where I might not be able to “wake up” if I needed to. After having encountered so many conscious and lower vibrational beings on the astral plane, I feel like putting a drug into my body that locks me into some kind of “trip” is like chaining me to a rock and waiting for the Kraken to show up.

Is there anything similar to having sex, on the other side? If so, is there any practical purpose for it?

As far as I’m aware there is nothing like physical sex on the other side, since we slough off the physical body. However, you can energetically merge with someone else’s energy and that’s quite pleasurable but in a way that is very non-physical. I wouldn’t even really compare the two. But pleasure is pleasure.

Do you think it will ever be proven scientifically that an afterlife exists?

I think you have to define a lot of terms to answer that question. “An afterlife” is somewhat broad and unclear. We probably want to answer the question, “Do we have a consciousness? And if so, does that consciousness exist beyond our physical confines? If so, where does it ‘go’ when we die?”

Proof also must be defined. If a medium is able to communicate with a deceased person, is that evidence of an afterlife? For some it would be, for others it wouldn’t be enough evidence. If a 5-year-old child talks about a previous life hehad and can provide a ton of details, is that proof? For some it would be, for others it wouldn’t be enough.

Proof is personal. I think science will continue to discover things that have always existed but could not be seen. New instruments and experiments will be designed to give us more information, but ultimately we could all be part of some massive computer program and not really exist at all.

The key thing for me has always been this. “I can’t possibly know the absolute truth because even what I think is absolute truth may just be a product of my programming, but I CAN control how my life goes, so I’ll choose pathways that lead to the most happiness, joy and pleasure for myself and enjoy the ride, whatever it’s really about.” I have found that to be the most empowering version of Truth I can find.

What is the most important or profound thing you can do when you are lucid dreaming?

I think this will vary for everyone. For me, I love putting myself in action adventure situations that push the limits of my mental prowess. Can I outwit the bad guy? Can I fly faster? Can I defeat Supreme Evil?

The real power of lucid dreaming is being as conscious as you can and playing with things you can’t do while physical and awake. Some people use the experience to communicate with their subconscious mind. Some use lucid dreaming to have amazing sex. Some use it to talk to their guides or deceased loved ones. It’s such a powerful tool for those who want to explore consciousness.

Do we have individual names on the other side?

Not really, no. Names are a human convention. Conscious energies on the other side have no need of names, they use energy signatures. But spirit guides understand that we do use names on Earth, so during readings they will sometimes give a name so the client can use the name to call out to them energetically.

Also realize that we have had many lives. Which name would you carry with you forever into the afterlife? The name stays with the body.

You can use someone’s Earth name to get their attention though. During mediumship readings I will call out to the other side using the name of the deceased person we are looking for. They remember who they were and will respond if they desire and are able. So you can use a name to get their attention but I wouldn’t say they carry that name with them exclusively.

Why don’t more psychics go to school to become psychologists and use their psychic abilities to enhance their career and help others more efficiently? Wouldn’t it help eliminate the stigma around psychic phenomenon?

I think the more people learn how to tap into and trust their intuition the better the world would be for everyone. Here we have all these wonderful guides on the other side who are trying to assist us and most people don’t ever know their guides or utilize their help. I’ve trained a lot of people in various careers how to tune in to their clients so they can serve them better. I’ve trained business consultants and coaches, chiropractors, doctors, lawyers, acupuncturists, etc. Using your intuitive abilities can help you with virtually any career.

Do you always set a goal or a mission before you incarnate? If so, is it ever possible to fail at the specific goal you set?

You set an intention. I’ll use an analogy though to explain how things go when you incarnate. Let’s say you’ve decided you’re going to the ice cream store. You’re super excited to go, you’re looking forward to it. You think to yourself, “I sure love chocolate chip ice cream. I’m going to the ice cream store and I’m going to get myself some chocolate chip ice cream in a waffle cone.” Off you go to the store. When you arrive, you notice there is a flavor of the month being featured at the store. Strawberry Cheesecake. “Hmm,” you think to yourself, “I wonder what THAT tastes like. Should I get the chocolate chip ice cream that I originally came here for or should I try this strawberry cheesecake flavor?” So maybe you choose the new flavor you’ve never tried. Is that a failure? Did you fail at your goal?

If you define your goal as getting chocolate chip ice cream then it might seem like you failed. But if you defined your goal as having the ice cream you desire, then you succeeded. You can’t really fail at life, ever, no matter what choices you make. But you can stray from your intention sometimes. And that’s okay. It’s helpful if you can remember your original intention for incarnating because often people forget. Remembering can help put you on a path of great satisfaction. But you can’t fail no matter what.

Are there any emotional or personality traits such as sarcasm or competitiveness, that exists in the physical realm but not in the spiritual?

One of the funnest things I get to do in my readings is meet the most interesting characters on the other side. I’ve communicated with guides who were sort of stuffy, logical, and analytical, but I’ve also connected with guides who are funny as heck, amusing, and have really awesome personalities. I never know what I’m going to get when I tune in. I recall one reading where the client’s guides kept speaking in percentages. “There’s a 50% chance he’ll get the new job in California.” Or “There’s a 20% chance his boss will notice the work he’s done and give him a raise spontaneously.” When I communicated this to the client he laughed and said, “That’s very interesting because I always speak and think in terms of percentages myself!” So our guides’ personalities do affect us.

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