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Reincarnation Woes

A woman emailed me the other day, “I absolutely love my life, Erin. I am happily married, I’ve got a good income, I’m close to retirement, my kids are doing great. To be honest, this is the best life ever. So I’m really worried about reincarnation. What if I come back into a country where they don’t enjoy the freedoms I have in America? Can that happen? Could I be reincarnated into North Korea or China or something? I don’t think I would enjoy living there and I would hate to think it could happen. What can you tell me?”

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Reincarnation: Why would someone choose to come back to Earth?

I get a lot of variations on this question. “Why would I ever choose to come back to Earth? It’s horrible here and my life sucks. As soon as I get to the other side, I’m staying there!” I also get: “How can I prevent myself from being reincarnated? I’m so afraid of being sent back here, only to suffer again like I’ve suffered in this life. What do I have to do to earn a good life?” In this article I’ll explain a little more about reincarnation, suffering, and the choices you have. First, rest assured that no one

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How many loved ones from our past lives greet us on the other side?

Question: If we have reincarnated many times in our life, then when we die and reach the afterlife, won’t we have multiple families from all of our past lives who greet us when we crossover? – Shane Answer: Great question. Instead of saying “multiple families” I would instead use the term “multiple loved ones.” When you die, you will be greeted by the souls and spirits of the people you have the strongest connection to, whether they are from your most recent life or a past one. Some of these folk may have been your family members in several lives.

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