Intuition and Personal Gain

Sometimes people ask me questions about how I use my intuition in my own personal daily life. They want to know if I can look at celebrities and tune in to them. They want to know if I use my intuition to make money or run my business. And I’ve also been asked if I… Read On

Learning to Have Premonitions

Most people probably think that premonitions are something that just happens to you, out of the blue, an intuitive insight that hits you over the head with such urgency that you can’t avoid receiving it. But that’s not entirely true. What if you could have premonitions whenever you wanted them? A premonition is foreknowledge of… Read On

Intuition and Lost Items

It was a typical Friday morning in the Pavlina household. My 13 year old daughter, Emily, was running around the house trying to find her phone. “Mom, where’s my phone?!?!” “Where did you last see it?” I replied. It was my standard response to “Mom, where’s my …?” questions. “In my boot,” she said. “Check… Read On

How to Let Intuition Get You Out of the Job You Hate

I’ve encountered this scenario hundreds of times with my clients. “I hate my job, I know I should quit, but I don’t have anything to transition to that is going to make me as much money as this job so I stay. If I knew for sure that a new career would work for me,… Read On

How Powerful Are Your Guides?

What can your spirit guides actually do for you? How powerful are they? People ask me variations of this question a lot. Are guides powerful enough to perform miracles or feats of magic? Could they, say, teleport you out of a burning building or make you win the lottery? And if they can’t do these… Read On