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The Line Up: A medium’s experience on the astral plane

I’m in the process of writing a complete guidebook on how to astral project safely and effectively. I’m totally immersed in the writing, and as you can imagine, I’m eating, sleeping, and thinking about astral projection a lot. From ages 15 to 18, I used to astral project on average 3-4 times per week. I was a total master of the ability. It was second nature to me. As I grew older, I set aside my astral traveling as I got more focused on college, then marriage, family, and career. After projecting an estimated one thousand times in my youth,

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What the Dead Want For You

A woman contacted me one day asking if I could do an emergency reading for her as her boyfriend had just passed and she was desperate for communication from him. I told her that normally I suggest waiting at least 3 months after someone has passed before using a medium to make contact. There are several reasons for this: The Grief is Too Powerful Grieving sends a beacon of energy into the ether. It’s like a wail. It’s analogous to the sound a microphone makes when there is too much feedback. You almost have to cover your ears. For a

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What if a deceased relative won’t communicate?

Question: Whenever I get a reading with a medium, my grandfather always comes through but my own father never does. What does this mean? Does he not want to talk to me? Is he somewhere where he can’t talk to me? Is there any way to get him to communicate with me? – Carol Answer: It can be super frustrating to desire to connect with a specific deceased relative and they never seem to show up to the party. I recall reading for a gal and her dad was coming through really strongly. He told me his name, gave her

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Channeling and Spirits
Erin Pavlina

The Afterlife Experience for Those Who Suicide

Recently people have asked me what life is like on the other side for people who commit suicide. I’ve written about the Spiritual Consequences of Suicide in another article, so today I’ll discuss what I’ve seen and what I understand about life among those who suicide.

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How To Pick a Psychic

Not all psychics are the same.  Like doctors, psychics have specialties.  Would you hire a podiatrist to perform your triple bypass?  Specialties matter.  If you’re seeking advice from a professional intuitive, it will benefit you greatly to select the person most capable of advising you on your particular situation, otherwise you may not get the clarity you’re seeking.  So what are these specialties?  Following are more than a dozen examples of psychic specialities.  Use this list as a guide when you want to hire a professional intuitive so you get what you’re seeking. Medium A medium will connect with your deceased

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